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We have always wondered about the true meaning of love. The idea of falling in love and being loved in return is the best feeling that anyone could ever experience. We always thought that true happiness is always connected to a happy love life. A romantic kind of love that would complete you. You were so excited to meet that special someone that you have forgotten the Creator of love. The One who showed real love first. The One who proved that love is unconditional, accepting and sincere. The Creator of love is Jesus Christ. He gave himself as a sacrifice to show us how meaningful and sacrificial love is.

As you meet people, you would always see countless flaws and imperfections. It would make you hard to love them in the long run. You’ll grow tired and weary, thinking that it was not worth it. It would make you question your worth. It would hurt you and cause you so much pain. Then you realize, maybe it is because you lost your focus on loving Him first. You were too attached with people who never loved you back. But through Him, you were whole again. It made you complete like never before. You decided to love Him and entrust everything to Him. Now your definition of love is Jesus.

Fall in love with the Creator, before His Creation. Give Him the pen and let Him write your love story. Trust His timing and perfect will. As you make a constant effort to love the Lord, you’ll always find fulfillment and joy. Through loving Him, your heart will never be empty again. And you will be very much prepared when you meet and fall in love with that someone. Someone that God sent. Someone who would truly love you. Someone who would love the Lord with you.

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