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Maybe for now, you don’t know the reasons why these things are happening but in God’s perfect timing, you’ll exactly know why it had to happen. And I firmly believe that it is what you call God’s will.


We may not know where the journey of life will take us. We may not know how things will unfold, how things will put themselves together. We feel like as if the purpose of living is lost, the meaning of life has faded away and there are no more rationales left to continue breathing. But we have to discern that God has His better plan and better days are waiting in the end of our anguish. It feels like life’s a big jigsaw puzzle in which you are lost with what piece to put in first, which piece will perfectly fit each other and which are not.

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Things may be perplexing and exhausting, thoughts are mystifying and overwhelming but we have to believe that sometimes we have to go through these testing of faith— faith that will lead us to believe and trust that all things work together for our own good and the God who promise us is faithful.

Let us never rush for anything; God’s timing will always be perfect. We may be restless about so many things in life. We may have a lot of concerns for living, striving, coping and persevering. But God, as our vine-dresser, He’ll nurture the vines until it is ready and fine for harvest. He works tirelessly for us to be fruitful no matter what we are going through. Each of our sufferings has their own kind of victories. Let’s not run ahead or fly over of what God has designed, for His plans are done and complete. His dreams are far greater than what we can dream on our own. We’ll run farther and grow higher if we’ll patiently wait for the season of His blessing. Take time to pray. 

Just remember, God makes your reality far greater than your expectations.

God has something better for you, something that really suits you. Something that He knows will bring you to success. And maybe if someday you’ll be apart from your friends or someone special that doesn’t mean goodbye. It’s just God’s way of saying that you have to meet new people. Those people whom you will need in the future, those people that are destined to walk on the same path as you are. So don’t be sad, everything has its place in this world.


If you can’t figure out the answer now, let God’s time figure it out for you. 










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