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I am praying for your heart.

I know that I was amazed by the being that you are ever since I first met you. Beyond your looks is a heart that’s as amazing as a Diamond – a true gem. Behind that smile is a beautiful soul worth discovering.

I know you’ve already been thru a lot – broken, bandaged, bruised. Hurt. Perhaps, even betrayed by people you loved, to the point that trusting is hard, even almost impossible, for you to do again.

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I know pursing you will not be easy, neither is loving you. But then, nothing easy is ever worth it. I know that pursuing you is an adventure, but it’s one worth taking.

I know you deserve so much more, that it takes a man, not a boy, to win your heart. A man who has prayed so hard to God about you. Not a Knight in Shining Armour, but a Man after God’s own Heart.

I am praying for you, and your heart. But more than that, I am praying for me.

That I be a man after God’s own heart, following His will, regardless.

That I be someone who cares for his mother just as he yearns to care for you.

That I be the best friend, the partner, the husband that you know you don’t need because God has completed you, but a gift beyond your wildest imagination.

That I be someone you can worship Jesus with.

I pray that I become a Man after God’s own heart. Not so that I could have you, but so that God’s love radiates in me so much, that I become a channel of love.

Until then, Dear, I’ll be enchanted to meet you – again.

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