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  1. I never knew i would come to this point. I thought i was warrior enough to face this. I never imagined to see myself lying on the bed listening to maoy songs i used to laugh before. But now, i internalize and feel the hurt of every word being spoken by the persona. When i miss you, i picture out how we used to laugh and talk before. How i laugh at your very corny jokes and think at your logical quests even if its not my thing. I miss you and i hope something can ease this. I am longing for your presence and feast even in your shadow. But there’s no way to see you. You don’t know this thing i feel about you. I wanna chat you, actually I did already it went well at first, but later on you shut me out. You made me feel through your “hahaha” replies that you don’t like talking to me. My pride was hurt. It tells me to stop doing it bc it sounds like i’m the one pursuing you when it should be you pursuing me. But you wouldn’t or you will never be i guess. Bc you like someone else and I hope that’s me and it’s like the chance is 1 over 100. I always stop myself from going to your facebook profile. I always tell myself to act normal when i see post on your timeline that may hurt me inside. Hurt is inevitable but i can’t complain bc when you’ll know this thing, turning your back away for me would be more damaging. I saw your facebook feed; your crush likes someone else so you stopped chatting her. This gives me more clearance why you stopped talking to me. Because you want to heal from it alone. It is an heroic act from you actually. You saved me from being drown for you while you are just spending time with me to mend. Kuddos to you bro. For not using me just to move forward from her. Thank you also for sparing me and my heart. Thank you for unbreaking my walls but for breaking me emotionally. Being left in this situation is better than left and was used to mend your broken soul. I can’t imagine how i am thanking you despite of all the aches i am going through that is caused by you also.

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