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Dear Future God’s Best,

What should I call you? Babe? Honey? Love? Dear? Langga? Mahal? Or just by your name? You probably enjoying your singleness, and we might have met before, maybe smiled at each other, maybe we just passed by each other along the busy and crowded train/grocery store, maybe we bumped at each other while crossing some pedestrians, maybe we are in peers of common friends, maybe we once became seatmates in one of church services or maybe we haven’t encounter each other in any ways.

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I will tell you this, go enjoy yourself and find your completeness in the LORD. Go enjoy yourself in serving the Lord and be a man that God wants you to be, and so as God wants me to be. I’ll tell you go enjoy yourself but be guarded in life’s counterfeit and guard your heart well.

I want to let you know that I’m waiting patiently and praying for you fervently. I want to tell you that I’m allowing God to prepare me to be a Godly woman for a Godly man like you. I want to tell you that I will wait patiently until God tells you and allows you to pursue me. I want to tell you that I’m enjoying my journey with the LORD and finding my completeness in God alone so I will not find my completeness in you.

I want to tell you that I’m practicing my submission first to God so when I finally meet you and be together till death do as part —- I can submit to you as I submit to God. I’m telling you this, because I want you to know that I’m still in my process of readiness for a man like you, I hope in the Lord that you’re in the same journey as mine.

And I will tell you this before anything else, I’m praying for an “Old-Fashioned Love”.

Guarantee, I will love you next to God. I will take care of you and I will serve you, I’m even excited to cook  for you all the food I’ve learned to cook during my preparation. I will surely treasure every moment we have.

And most importantly, I will respect you in all ways.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where most of our days we will just serve the Lord, we will have talks and have some romantic night walks. I don’t need to be in a fancy dress suit nor do I want you to dress in one, we can do this occasionally but not a necessity. I don’t need to be fed on a fancy five star restaurant, I will appreciate more if you will cook for me and have a simple dinner together or we can cook together.

A long walk in a park or any nature environment will be very pleasing. Breathing in fresh air and seeing God’s amazing creations or even just seeing people around do their thing. Seating next to you in a park or any nature environment having small talks or just moment of silence together will be very pleasing as well.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where we will serve the Lord better together, where we will enjoy each day with the Lord as we serve Him with an overflowing love from Him.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where we will respect God’s design of marriage that we will not cross the line of purity before marriage. We will not be a temptation to each other but a blessing of love and respect to each other by saving our purity until after I do.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where we will consider our families as our first ministry, my family is your family, your family is my family —- and our own family.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where we will nurture each other in seeking each others highest good. We will be each one’s number one fan and cheer leader.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where in we will grow in the Lord together in faith, in love and in any life circumstances. We will be the number one encourager of each other.

I’m praying for an “old-fashioned love” where we will always love the Lord first before each other.

What I am praying is this kind of love, an old-fashioned love.

I don’t need you to promise things.
Just a promise of commitment to choose to love and to accept an imperfect person like me each day.

I want you to know that all I’m praying to God is to give me to a man of God who loves Jesus more than anything or anyone that he can overflow a love like Jesus that can forgive, love and accept an imperfect person like me. 

I’m praying that you will love yourself well as how God overflow His love for you and so you can love as how Christ love the church.

Lastly, we probably are not ready for now, we may both undergoing pruning stage or in process of healing, but I hope you will wait for me like how I patiently wait for you. I hope you are fervently praying for me like how I fervently praying for you. 

God be with you in your journey with Him, I’m just here praying for you until God’s perfect time that He will allow us to cross our paths and hold each others hand to enjoy our journey together with Him for a lifetime, until Christ come.

With prayers and love,
 Your Future God’s Best

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