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Once, there was a little girl who had thought so brightly of the world.
She dreamt of a house that can be likened to a doll house. In that dream, she had her family with her and they were all smiling.

Little by little she was told that dreams can happen in real life. She wasn’t sure of what “dreaming” meant, and then adults told her to have goals. Again, she wasn’t sure of what goals were and why would she have them.

But she followed them. During pre-school she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she did not even know what “growing up” means, so she told them she wanted to become a teacher. But as years went on, she changed dreams. She learned that dreams aren’t that abstract, that dreams translated to who you could be in the future. She learned that goals are products of hard work.

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She worked hard, academically. She was happy, and so were her parents. And at one point in here life, she saw how her loved ones went to heaven, little by little without her knowing why. So, she decided she wanted to become a doctor because she wanted to save her loved ones, because they should all be a part of her future.


And then, here I am. A struggling medical student, from that innocent child I am know fully acquainted with the not-so-bright world. The world is evil and from time to time, the problems I encounter discourage me.

I never wanted my parents to know the struggles I’m facing everyday, the tests that I failed even though I studied the whole night and slept for only 4 hours. Those dull moments of the day that I think of just quitting everything I started. Sometimes, the little failures make me lose sight of what I wanted to achieve in life.


But one day, God reminded me that He is the one who will give me the strength to carry on.  Sure, I will have my setbacks, but I will always go back on track because God reminds me everyday of why I am here in the first place.


I am still learning, and I never really forgot that dream. It’s that dream that makes me embrace the hard reality of the world, that one day, all these hard times will make me go home to that doll house that I have dreamed of when I was a child, together with my family.

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