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I can feel my cardiac muscles constrict but the familiarity made me indifferent.

Like its the only food on the table but its bland.

The mistery of it being the only plate there is is overwhelming but i became passive of the blandness.

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The fact left me blank.

Limbs limp.

Brows unfurrowed.

Lips pursed.

Quiet breaths.

Empty eyes.

I can picture the situation with myself sitting lamely face to face with the tasteless food but i cant get up cause i cant take my eyes off of it.

Its the most catchy thing inside the room.

The urge to drag myself away is getting stronger each time but im too glued to the feeling the plate is giving me.

Its very settling.

One blink then i draw the air ive been holding up for too long out of my lungs.

And then my stomach turned.

Entangled legs, huh?

Throw me out of this chair.

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