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Like an air, you I used to inhale and breathe in. With the purest intention to stay behind my nerves. Suddenly, I realized you’re not worth keeping. For a minute, I decided to release my intention of holding you back. Suddenly, I just realized, you’re not worthy life spending.

From the very beginning, I might exclude you being part of my territory. For I played the game so safe and sarcastic. Seeing you on the dump side became my nightmare. I have no intention of making your life miserable. I’m thinking of not hurting you all throughout that’s why I choose to let go of you the soonest as possible

Why do I pull you closed and then ask you for space? Because, I’m the air not worthy for you to breathe. A fearful nightmare not worthy for you to dream. A two-sided story not worthy for you to read. A gloomy sunset not worthy for you to watch. Someone not worthy for you to be with.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Why do I pull you close and then ask you for space? Because I want you to be happy by not spending a worthless life on a man like me.


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Lyrics from: 8 Letters by Why Don’t We


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