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You’re not perfect and I don’t expect you to be because that would be boring.

you’re flawed and broken, that’s okay, I’m broken to and those pieces could do the fitting and cover your flaws.

You’re vulnerable, it’s evident, yet in your vulnerability you find the strength to hold on and fight.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You’re not the best but you’re the perfect fit,

You’re not much, but you are more than enough,

You’re not above everybody else, but in you I find contentment and joy, comfort and peace.

You’re not a rainbow, but you brighten up my skies after every storm,

You’re not a music but you lighten up my mood and my day.

You know who you are?

You are His masterpiece, His princess, His daughter and your worth are more than those that is aforementioned above.

You are loved by Him more than anyone else, more than me.

You are cherished and treasured more than that of diamonds and gold.

You are more than what you could ever imagine, eternity is enveloped inside your heart so don’t let anybody take your worth away and take you for granted.

Just like the one who created you I desire the same thing for you, to realize your true worth, to guard and protect your heart.

My love for you won’t be able to match the that our Maker had for you, but I would go the extra mile and will pour out everything to make you realize that there is someone out here who knows your true worth.

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