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Right at this moment, you are probably the happiest guy on Earth for having her, and she is probably the happiest girl on Earth, for having you. I would agree if they say that you are perfect for each other, because you do are. You love each other, and there’s no way any better to know that two people love each other.

I won’t tell you not to hurt her, love doesn’t go that way. It has to happen, it will happen. I just hope that in every hurt, you know how to cheer her up, you know how to win her back.

I won’t tell you to make her happy, because I believe you already know that. You know what makes her happy, what keeps her happy and with your love for her, it will just come naturally from you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I won’t tell you to love her, cause you already know what to do. I know you will be patient, you will be kind, you will not be jealous, you will protect, trust, hope, persevere, and would never give up.

She chose you. And no one could ever fit in her heart rather than you. I won’t tell you what to do because you already know what to do. But let me just ask you one thing.

Make her your second love.

And make Jesus the first.

Anyone who loves Jesus first and puts Jesus in the center of the relationship more than anything else will live, will last, will never fail.

And I don’t want your relationship to die, to end, and to fail. You are my girl’s happiness. And I want both of you to be happy until the end.

Make Jesus as the center.

the guy that wasn’t chosen

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