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I’m done wasting my time with the wrong guys that I decided to wait the right man. I hardly moved on to my ex-boyfriend but I did and I had so many flings before, my relationship with them was a mess different guys same shits. Being with the wrong guys will make you feel you are hard to love it`s either you`re too much or less for them same goes with the break up lines excuses like “it`s not you it`s me” (well fuck you), “I need space” (you`re not damn armstrong), “I`m not the one for you” (then who?), “I/You don`t deserve me” (make yourself deserving!). Being in relationship with the wrong guy will always make you a way to get out of it even if you try your best to make it stable or long because girl he`s not the one, the right one for you. Reading stories about waiting season make me realize that you don`t have to rush time, well yeah lucky for those who found love on a young age but it that doesn`t goes the same with everyone or to you my dear, enjoy the freedom of being single spend your time on preparing your self for the better version of you. If you haven`t found or meet the right man yet it is because he`s busy making himself worthy to love you. All you have to do is wait.

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