Dear wife of my future,

Although i am not fully aware of who you are, or even graze my eyes on you, i am sure and i have faith that you are worth the wait. For now, i will take my singleness as an advantage to have time to work on myself and to develop gradually into the man you are praying for. This is why i will not waste this great season of my life complaining about not having a girlfriend. I know and i believe in God’s great and perfect timing. Patience is a virtue and great things come to those who wait.

In this season of my singleness, i have chosen to abstain myself from certain activities in which most single young adult engage in such as sex, until the day that you and i exchange our vows and sealing our promises with an “I DO”. I will follow the instructions of the wise man in Songs of Solomon by “not awakening love until it is time”. I will set my affection on no one other than you.

The world might call me unrealistic, foolish or even gay for not having a girlfriend at my age today. But despite all of this i believe in God’s devine intervention and i am certain that you and i are for each other.

Once again i am convinced that patience is a virtue and i willing to wait.

I will love you as Christ loves and gave himself up for me. Not cautious but extravagant love.

Lovingand waiting; Your future husband