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I have wandered for so long.
Trying to find what my heart longs.
What is life about all along?
Strived to fit in, to whom do I belong?

I sought to fill the void, the emptiness.
Sleep is so hard, I was so restless.
I looked for what they called happiness,
only to gain a handful of bitterness.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

And then He came, little did I know.
He has been preparing to show,
to show me the place where I could rest.
As he desires to wrap me with his embrace.

But it is said to do it this way,
do just as what the world say,
and act just as what the people like to see.
Only to end up strayed and so far away.

And then He came,
He loved me in my most unlovable.
He reached me when I am so unreachable.
He lifted me up when I am incapable.
Oh, his grace is enumerable.

But, I was never good enough!
I was weak pretending to be tough.
I was ashamed and hide the feeling.
I did keep moving but merely living.

And then He came,He told me I am enough!
And that I don’t have to be tough.
Because in my weakness He is strong,
and in His mighty arms, I do belong.

Yes, I tried to impress people.
With hope that they can make me full.
Yet, it only made me a fool,
and left me with empty soul.

And then He came, He told me I am beautiful.
He showed me his hands that created me wonderful.
He revealed his heart with love for me that is so full.
And then I realized, this is what I always long after all.

I am glad He came…

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