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Be a Warrior Princess that fights back by Ella May L. Catapang

All of us have experienced falling in love at least once in our lifetime. That moment wherein our hearts overpower whatever decisions and directions we take, in the name of love. As a strong independent warrior princess, I am sharing with you the most common warning signs in a relationship that are being overlooked and ignored by women today because of Love. Always know Your Worth my warrior princesses. Never make the mistake of being happy in the moment but forever regret being in a relationship that will ultimately give you the most pain in life. Fight! Learn to fight your feelings and use your logic when facing the following in your relationship:

1. If You always initiates or is the initiator in the relationship -if he does not plan for you or with you, take heed. If you are always the one planning your dates, surprises, your future, or worst your wedding, this is a definite warning that he is just going with the flow. If you communicate this to him and he still does not care, better use your logic than be the one he takes for granted in the end.
2. He compares you to his ex and he still has a communication with them. – need i say more? Just to add If a man truly loves you, he will not make you jealous of other woman, including his past. He will not make you feel insecure or unsecured in your relationship and he will make sure that you will feel valued.
3. He is financially dependent on you – If he keeps letting you pay for dates despite him having a decent job, if he cant even pay for your jeepney transportation of nueve or disiotso pesos, or worst he lets you shoulder all the financial aspect in the relationship, its time to rethink if he really loves you for real or just for the benefit that he is getting. If he cant manage his finances how would he manage your future as a family?. THINK THINK THINK!
4. He lies or keep secrets from you. -Trust is the foundation of Love, And with Trust comes Respect. If he habitually lies or hide things from you it is a sign that he does not value your relationship with him. Being vulnerable and open to your partner means you are trusting them to love you despite your imperfections. If he also lies to avoid conflict, it means he does not respect you enough to tell you the truth. So would you want to be in a relationship with no peace of mind? I hope your answer is no.
5. He is selfish -This is the hardest to detect when you are in a relationship. To give you a hint, be wary of the small things he does for you or for others. Most of the times you would discover this in simple situations like how he treats his family, his co-workers or friends. Like ever wonder why he has been to many places but he cant even buy his mom a simple digi box that she has been wanting for so long? Or why He has not taken her to a place she really wanted to go to that is just a few hours away? If he keeps putting his happiness or self first, it is probably a good idea to Rethink the relationship. You wont want to have a man who will be prioritizing and thinking of himself first more than the love that you are giving him.
6. He keeps breaking promises -when he promises, he delivers, no matter how big or small that promise is. When he repeatedly do this in the relationship, it means he is not to be dependent on. Trust me, He will just continuously disappoint you in the future.
7. He treats everything as a joke or he is unable to get serious with you -if a man cannot bring himself to get serious when you are discussing problems, plans or even important things that needs both of your attention, he is just not that invested in you yet. Does he always joke around even when you are serious? Does he treat you as a joke or call you names? Yes having a funny humorous boyfriend is okay but how he delivers his jokes and how he takes care of you in the relationship speaks volume of his true motives for you. If he is being funny in inappropriate times then he wont take you or worst your family life seriously in the future.
8. He lets you walk away/he walks out on you during a fight or He blames you for every arguments in the relationship. -have you ever had a serious argument wherein he also matched your anger and then lets you walk away not caring if you reached home safely? Did he ever withdrew affection after a fight and just blame you for all the bad that has been happening in the relationship? Did he ever abused you verbally when he never gets what he wants? My precious princess, a man in anger is whom you should be most cautious about. For whatever he do when he is mad is a reflection of how he will be treating you as a wife in the future. So if he treats you poorly rest assured that no matter how many times he apologizes, this will continue. He wont change so decide quickly before its too late.
9. He makes your life harder than better -Has he done anything to prove that he can be your reliable and loving partner at all times no matter what the situation is? Has he deliberately goes out of his way to help you without you having to ask for it? To emphasize, does he put your welfare first before his own? Did he ever run errands for you even if it is inconvenient? Does he assure you of his support and love and treats you as a priority instead of as a choice? If he is giving you more problems and stress, its definitely a sign that you have to let go. A relationship has its share of ups and downs but it shouldnt be hard. Love shouldnt be hard. So reevaluate… rethink… retrace…. is He worth that pain?

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When a strong warrior princess is in love, we are unstoppable. We tend to forget ourselves and just dropped everything for the person that we love… even our selves. Hope this 2019 brings you back to your own true self. A wakeup call that every warrior princess can and should fight back. Because when a man truly loves you, you will never even have to read articles like mine. You will never wonder. You will just feel loved. So to those who have fought back, to those who are still undecided, to those who are in the brink of letting go, Always be the Warrior Princess that fights back – the Beautiful Princess of God that has the will power to fight for the love that she knows she deserved… for the best! Godspeed!

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