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There was once a tale of you and I.

The first page of the story began from the spark of your eyes.

I never expected,

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I never knew,

What butterflies in my stomach feels like,

Until there was you.


It was confusing as the process unfolds.

I was terrified,

I tried to hide,

Whenever our gazes collide.

All those times,

Silent times that my eyes meet yours,

You always grow in me,

Not because I was drawn to you

But you draw God close to me.

It was your love for Him that made me see.

To offer one’s life for Jesus

Satisfies the meaning of life’s mystery.


So I kneeled before God, asking if you are the one?

Praying if it’s you,

If you are God’s promise

Whom I’ll share my passion and dreams,

To pursue with you our One True Love

and fight for His case,

To take the path of heaven

As we reach for the lost.


Then all of a sudden,

The tale of you and I, Heaven has rewritten.

I was caught off guard of what has happened.

Asking Him endless “whys?”

Why now?

Why not me?

Why God?

Why God realigned your heart, all of a sudden?


Just when I prayed for you,

You then became an answered prayer to another.

I came back to God and I rend before Him.

Have I missed to “trust His constant love?”

Have I missed to obey the Will of the above?


Once upon a time,

All I could do was to weep before God.

Confused in my head,

Crushed in my heart.

All of a sudden,

Life did not go my way.

God realigned your heart.

Loosing my grip of His Word.

“Trust and Obey”.


Maybe this is how our story ends.

The story that I wrote that you’ll never know.

Loving you from afar humbled me.

To pray and wait,

And if it’s not mine,

To surrender and give way.

To discern His Will and

To still have faith

That the Author of Love

Also have someone for me.


When God realigned your heart,

I pray that it’s for His glory.


You have found the love that you deserve

And I lost the love that I thought was mine.

I pray that one day,

All will be well in His time.

When God has healed the wound in me,

I’ll be ready to smile and see you go

And also set my heart free.


Happiness is what I wish for you.

Maybe in different time and place,

I’ll meet God’s promise along the way,

But one thing remains true,

Our hearts beat,

Though in different rhythms now

But always and forever,

For the One true love we pursue.


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