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We will literally meet thousands of people as the day, weeks, months, and a year passed by. However, as we meet these people they will obviously be part of our daily basis, and this time you both will be sharing laughter and secrets like you’ve known each other a long time ago.



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The longer you talk and spent time talking to them, the more you realized and understand their stories and situation as a person, you will appreciate them by talking to you and sharing those things you don’t want to know and isn’t amazing feeling if they ask how your day went?


And there will always be a possibility or chance that this person will turn into something you didn’t expect to be. It’s really scaring and hard to lose someone who taught you a lot in life, who taught you how to live this life despite of all the imperfections you have..


It’s really hard to think of those negative things that might happen in the near future.


All you have to do is trust everything and be happy. Live life as you wanted to be.


-Sheena May Roa Tan

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