Be That As It May


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I like to write a poem bout you
Just to let you know that I like you
Sorry if this is out of the blue
I’ve been liking you for a year or two

I have known you for years
Yet we are just that simple peers
You worship God so sincere
For the Word, you persevere

When you’re around, I am puzzled.
I feel awkward, my words get jumbled
Talking with you sometimes I startle
With two or three words I’m settled.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Can’t find a word to say
Avoiding your gaze right away
It rarely happens during Sunday
But it’s okay, be that as it may

Well, I love it when you smile, too
Your eyes are gone when you do
I am keen to hear your bubbly jokes
Secretly laughing, I found them funny tho

It’s your love for God that amazes me
You’re a such a godly man, I see.
You’re taking the Word so seriously
On Jesus you focus undoubtedly

Simply put, I like you that much
But telling you, I have no guts
My mind says it’s out of one’s wits
But my heart fully admits

Dragging back myself to reality
You’re too good enough for me.
And after telling you this veracity
We can still be friends, can’t we?

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