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I don’t want to get confused again.
In your actions that even others might question too
With your eyes that look at me as if its true
To your words that make me overthink.

I don’t want to fall from you
Coz even I can’t still decipher
What you truly feel about me
Is still a mystery to me.

I don’t want to get fooled by you
Because I know how guys like you act
I’ve seen it before
And someone like you is exactly what I’m trying to avoid.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I don’t want your attention
But with your comforting words, I get persuaded
Your stories and secrets that feels like someone understands me well
And makes me think if that is sincere or just another lie?

I don’t want to get attached
So please don’t make things complicated
Just treat me like one of your close friends
Coz I’m an overthinker and I might assume things again.

I don’t want to be your other woman
I know for a fact that you’re in a relationship
So don’t attempt to break down my walls
If you’re gonna break my heart too.

So please stop giving me mixed signals
Let’s start setting bounderies
Clear things out
And erase every what ifs on my mind

Because I’m already terrified by the word You
And this uncertainty of us is what keeps me awake at night
Knowing that we’ll only be like this, unclear and unready
So please stop before it grows deeper.

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