Some people know me as a strong independent woman. They never see me suffer in anything happens in my life. They never see me posting on social media about my problem or any rants. They never see me cry in front of them. Even the strongest storm that waved me, they never see me suffer. They can never tell if I’m hurt or not.

Through past experiences, I have been built a strong self. Strong self whose hurting but not showing. Strong self whose weak but fighting. I am strong, that’s what my heart and mind says.

I’ve been strong for so long, is it time to be fragile just for once? I’d never been recognize that I need help, nor they always tell me that I can do that and this ‘coz they’ll never saw me being weak in everything I do.

I am a daughter who wakes up early in the morning because I have goals and plans for my family. I am a sister whose being a model to my younger sister. I am a friend who will accompany anyone who needs me, a friend who will cheer you up. I am a student who do school works with all my might. I am a woman you will saw on the street walking alone, but no signs of being afraid.

To tell them honestly, I am weak. I’m also a girl who needs help in everything I accomplish. I also need people who have goals and plans for me. Someone who will set the good model for me. Someone who will accompany me when I need ’em, who will cheer me up if I am so down in life. Someone who will accompany ms walking in the street.

But, who will see if I stumble and fall? If I choose to stand up as fast as I can so no one would see. Who will see that I have a problem if I choose to smile rather to talk about it? Who will ask if I need help, if I show them that I can do this. WHO?

God. God can see anything, everything you go through. People may not see how you suffer and cry at night. God can see it. Every tears that fall, every sweat, even the smallest thing you’ve cried over, He can see that!

So, to every strong woman out there! You’re doing great! You can cry, you can be sad, you can be weak. Coz’ even the strongest warrior is a child. “I drop my sword and cry for just a while. ‘Coz deep inside this armor the warrior is a child, unafraid because His arrow is the best.”