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Sometimes silence remains an uncomprehended mystery. When you start to be silent to what you feel and what you used to feel. When you’ve been longing for someone to make you feel your worth and you get tired of waiting.
And now you stop hoping that something will work out. The mere fact that you tried your best until it made you worst.
My little self, is this something you wished for? To be a great pretender and a perfect loser? At the end of the day no matter how tired you are, you still chose to stay even if it almost consume every pieces of your being.
Is it enough to say you love the person if deep inside you can no longer feel his love? How long will you claim that you have this perfect relationship well in fact you can no longer see the commitment you have with each other. How long will you pretend that everything between you is getting stronger well in fact its falling apart?

How long will you hide the tears behind those smile?

Painful isn’t it?

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Dear little self, I hope someday you will know when to stop and set yourself free.

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