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Don’t be so hard on yourself, My love.
I see your heart filled with frustration.
I know you’re in a constant battle between your flesh and your spirit.
Don’t ever try to live out your faith because of you weaknesses.
Don’t you know that nothing you do from your own strenght will last?
I give you grace when you’ve gone the wrong way, and I will give you strenght right when you need it.
I am here to make all your wrongs right and heal all what make you hurt.
The battle in your mind belongs to Me, so don’t waste anymore time wearing yourself down.
I love you no matter what you have said and done.
Now give Me a chance to show you who am I when you surrendered to Me.
Let Me give you My gift of grace.
Remember that you have been covered with My forgivenesssince Calvary; now walk with freedom from tha past and open My gift of a new start.

Your King and Your Grace

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