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Every glance of my eyes to your face
I draw the most genuine, purest smile on my lips
And that everytime I think of you,
I thank God ’cause you’re like a blessings that overflow

Now and then I imagine of knowing you more
Being excited of hearing you, “Ma, Pa, this is the one I am praying for”
I am proud of your flaws and imperfection
Because through those I can show my deeper affection

But all this time I am thinking the contrary
Doubting if you’re feeling the same way…
Asking if whenever you scroll and see my face,
Do you paint the most genuine, purest smile on your lips?
Do you ever think of me?
Do you ever thank God because of me?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Have you imagined of discerning me more?
Or do you become excited of saying I am the one you prayed for?
I am flawed and have many defects,
Would you still have the same affection after me being imperfect?

After all, I can’t avoid us having the comparison:
I know you are richer and well-fixed than me
I know you are more talented than me
I know you advanced and excelled in so much ways than me
I know you have so much attributes when compared to me
I will take care of you;
I will see your worth and continue to pray for you;
I will celebrate with your flaws;
I am preparing to be the right one for you;
And that I’ll love you with God’s love
I will do all those if you were born, designed, and created for me

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