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Dear lady,

The past weeks have been difficult for you. I never saw you as vulnerable as before. As if you’re a fragile glass that’s in need of being handled carefully because if not you might see yourself shattered on the ground. I saw you having those sleepless nights and those caplets that you’re trying to hide under your pillow were not able to miss my sight. 

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I’m sorry that there were days that your thoughts have overpowered you and made you stumble and fall. I know that you tried your best to shove off those thoughts and feelings but all you can see is yourself fully engulfed in it. Every day you manage to appear wholly independent, where in fact, you are desperately in need of a company.

But thank you, thank you for still waking up each morning, with a silent prayer of joy, hope, and grace. Thank you for clinging unto God and His promises of Words and making you realize that all this time He is with you.

Remember your favorite passage? He tends his flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart. 

Lady, you are not alone in this, in all ways and always, you are closer to your Shepherd’s heart. 

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