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Thoughts flowing early in the morning

Until very late in the evening.

Endless seas of white

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And blue bubbles and pings.

Who thought that you from a different nation

Could hold deep conversations.

Sixteen hours of flight

Turned into a great delight.

Escaped from dating app to real life

To finally see your brown eyes.

Our first date was on a stormy day

Seeing your smile cleared the gloom away.

Our cold drinks made me curl up

But your sweet voice warmed me up.

After our time together for hours

Was when I told myself I’m yours.

From an opposite side of the world 

Your hand fit perfectly in mine to hold. 

No one made ever me feel this way

I don’t want you to leave. Please stay.

Let’s enjoy the moment, you said.

Keep the memories we’ve made,

The good times we had together,

That’s all that matters.

But now I’m filled with regret

Should we have even met?

It was just a vacation romance for you

But for me, I’m split into two.

How could I endure

Not seeing my heartache’s cure?

How could a simple online greeting

Now have so much meaning?

You just flew thirteen hours back.

Please cut me some slack.

Back to opposites sides of the world.

Vacation romances don’t last, I was already told.

If we’re meant to be our paths will cross.

But for now our story’s come to a close.

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