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Yay! Thanks po. Pakitago nalang po ng identity ko. This is kind of a different kind of story/problem. Um.. It’s about me and my ex. She’s a SHE bte. Haha I’m a Lesbian, pero hindi yung out na lesbo. So yun, she and I broke up about 2months ago. She blocked me, after a misunderstanding weeks after the break up, then unblocked me we still talked after pero denelete niya friend request ko(Ugh). Well, Nasa Cebu siya and Leyte ako, LDR kaya she called it off. Di niya daw kaya. Hahaha but it’s not really the matter… Just weeks ago, idk when, she posted sa isang closed group for Bisexuals na both kami kasali. Saying she wanted me to take her back already, but just the day after that she said na wag na akong umasa. She don’t want me anymore, lalake talaga gusto niya(well, because her ex fiance called her and offering her to get preggy. She always wanted to have a baby that’s why she said yes to him. ) and yeah, I respect/ed it. Umaasa pa ako, yes, pero di na nag hahabol. Lol. She kept on giving me mixed signals. Immediate change of plans. Hays. And di ko na alam what to do. She have a bf na daw (as what she said to a common friend). BUT next week, I’ll moving in with her in Cebu. Haha sorry if medyo weird.  Dun na kasi ako mag aaral for college. It was our plan dati pa, nung kami pa na I’ll move in with her. We’ll live in one house together. Honestly speaking, I’m going to Cebu not because it has been a dream studying there, but for her. Tanga di’ba? Ugh i don’t know what to do. Everything is settled na I’m moving there, no backing out, but it hurts me so much just thinking about it, na I might see them there. Her with that guy na bago niya. Di ko na alam kung tama pa ba ‘tong ginagawa ko. It’s like suicide. I love her and still, she’s my firsts and greatest love, but idk with her tho. Help po what to do. Nakakatanga. Hays…



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