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California Sunset, Lovers on the Beach

It was a fine Sunday

we were walking at the beach

footprints on the sand

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talking about life

cackle our lungs out on your funny hee-haws at my corny jokes.

The sea breeze blowing my brackish messy hair.

we paused for a moment

witnessing, as the bright daylight closes

and the hues of fire brightened out

blazing in gold, and dousing in pink

like Dumbledore’s phoenix painted out the pale blue sky.

At the edge of the horizon,

lays the glooming beam of rays to expire.

Your sandy soft hand slowly reaching mine

my heart beats faster

like the rhythm of the waves crashing onto the shore.

The golden scene slowly vanished into gray

and the gibbous moon gleams vague up high.

The stars twinkle out one by one

like the shimmer in your eyes looking onto mine.

You grabbed my waist

and pulled me into your embracing

brushed your lips on mine with the warmth of our hearts dancing.

I closed my eyes then my leg popped

I found the one I will gaze the sunrise with

until the sunset of my life.

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