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Puppy love? 

Yung may crush ka nung elementary tapos dadaan sya sa labas ng classroom nyo tapos para ka ng uod na nilagyan ng asin sa sobrang kilig. 

Yung kapag intrams sa school tapos mag cheer ka sa crush mo, kilig from a distance kasi ang gwapo/ganda nya kahit pawis. 

Im turning 22, I don’t know the best advice for every situation but I’m sharing what works for me) 

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Or nung time na uso yung “grouped message” nung highschool na sa isang tao mo lang naman I-sesend yang message and when he/she replied sobrang divine ng feeling. 

When we were younger we have this cute idea of love in our mind and in our hearts na sa simpleng bagay lang kikiligin na tayo. But growing up, we didn’t expect love could hit and hurt us like a big yellow school bus. Na we would get screwed over and over again until you feel nothing and numb from all the pain. Na we would cry over someone so much you feel like end of the world na and you’re not going to find someone like that ever again. To the point where you’ll feel hopeless and even doubt your self worth because of them leaving you and walking out of your life. Thinking “ano bang mali sakin?”, “saan ba ako nag kulang?”, or even “pangit ba ako?”. Always remember that in “every failed relationship is equal to you being prepared for the person who is meant to stay in your life.”

We hear it all the time “love yourself first before you love someone else”. I learned that the hard way. PAANO NGA BA MAHALIN YUNG SARILI NATIN? Growing up, I always poured my heart out to someone only to get my heart broken again and again and again. Simply because I didn’t love me. I didn’t know what I can bring to the table that’s why I settled for what I can take. A vlogger I watched in Facebook said “if you know what you can offer to the table, you’re not going to be afraid to eat alone”. And it knocked out some sense in me. Don’t be too eager in finding love, kasi when you’re desperately looking for love you’ll take what they give you, you’ll take what’s in front of you without knowing na its less than what you deserve. Know what you want, know what you deserve and be patient waiting for it. We are so thirsty for finding love, that we forgot love comes from within. 


1) Thoughts on LABELS
Why would you want to be with someone who doesn’t have enough balls to be with you? Or to give clarity to what you guys have. 
2) Thoughts on CLOSURE

For me, closure is important but its not necessary. For some maybe it works to talk things out, for others maybe its just a trap. How can you find closure with someone who broke your trust? Someone who said “tayo na hanggang dulo” only to leave you behind just like that. You should give peace to yourself, you’re the one who should give closure to yourself not asking the person who hurt you for it. Sometimes, closure is the reason we give to ourself to talk to that someone. Let’s face it, lahat tayo umaasa na “baka kaya pa?” or “baka pwede pa ayusin?”. ITS OVER. Tapos na. Believe that you are better off without them in your life. Because you will be. 
3) Thoughts on “Pag nag aaway kami, ang sakit nya mag salita” 💩

SIS! And guys, I read this somewhere and it says “the love and respect he gives you corresponds to the love and respect you give to yourself” YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. Please, love yourself enough to walk away.

If you’re struggling to move on, this is for you. Sadly, hindi ito parang Waze na pwede mong i-search ang way out kapag naliligaw ka na. HEAR ME OUT! 
Hindi mali na mahalin mo padin ang taong wala na sa buhay mo. It might take a few weeks, months or even years. Don’t rush, remember that pain demands to be felt. You can’t rush to fix things. Be sad over it, cry over it, listen to sad music. But never, NEVER ask healing to the same person who hurts you. Remember! SOBRANG SAKIT! Oo, we know. Iiyak ka, mawawalan ka ng gana kumain, lost, you don’t know where to start. But you don’t have to go through it all by yourself. Try not to focus on the sadness of not being together anymore. You still have your friends and your family. Build a support system so strong mahihiya ka na mag give up. Despite your heartache, be happy. Hindi ka nag iisa. Don’t be scared to do you.

Friendly note: if you cheated, or made a mistake during your relationship. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Charge it to experience, lesson learned. Be a better version of yourself for you and your next partner. And NEVERmake the same mistake twice. 

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