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During that time I have one feeling that surpasses all other feelings – Pain.

The person I love and trust left me, telling me that he loves another person. The pain was too fresh that time that whatever I see or wherever I go that reminds me of him, I feel sad, lonely and so much hurt. I though that feeling wont go away. I though it will kill me. Yes, it didn’t go away (immediately) but it didn’t kill me.

That was a year ago and right now as I look back, I realized how blessed I was. I asked God to hold me tight because I might really give up in life, and He definitely did. He gave me people who helped me overcome. People who were there popping up when the pain is trying to get me. I had my bestfriend who always listens. I had my family who tries to make the feeling lighter. I had my church friends who prays for me and some even stays with me for coffee. I had my work friends who spends time with me after work. I even had client around making me laugh, treating me and traveling with me.

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As I look back, I can’t say anything but thank God for really protecting me. During the most painful season of my life (so far), God is tangibly there for me through the lives of these people. I hope I thanked them enough. I pray for God to continually shower them with blessing.

To all the people out there who is experiencing pain, I know how pain could overcome all other feelings. I know how pain could make your eyes clouded that it’s hard to see and appreciate the blessings you are receiving.

Don’t feel bad for not appreciating these blessing as much as you do when the pain is not present. Saying “Thank you” is enough. Smiling a bit is enough. Write these blessings down, take a picture of them, store them in your memory however you want. The only thing I don’t want you to do is to push them away.

One day that pain will go and when you look back, you’ll feel nothing else but gratefulness that God has blessed you so much.

This is just a painful season of your life that you need to overcome. Overcome it with faith and grace. And that is only possible with God. Pray and be honest with God. He’ll definitely help you to overcome.

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