Part 1

Some of us don’t know the objectives of dating and It is one of the reason kung bakit may mga “Umasa”, napagkakamalang “Paasa” at patuloy na “Umaasa”. We are in a generation that has been influenced by many culture to what it means to “date” a person. Some say “we are dating” but actually they meant “ We are together”. ome say “we are dating” and with that they mean “went out on a date a couple of times”.

Let me suggest some dating objectives and hopefully from here, you can answer the question kung “Paasa” siya o “Umasa” ka lang talaga prematurely.


Yes, wholesome. Hindi romantic agad but wholesome. Many of us think that if you date someone, you are required to have a romantic connection with the person. We date someone to have interactions with the opposite sex. It may be a group date or just the two of you it doesn’t matter, as long as your intention is to initiate an interaction in a planned setting, that can be called a date. After all, relationships cannot be built without social interaction. In this kind of wholesome setting…”Libre kiligin pero mahal mag assume”. It is just a date so wag mo muna paliparin yung intergalactic expectations mo.


When you finally decide to agree or convinced someone to date you, you open-up the opportunity for that person to get to know you and you getting to know them as well. Don’t be mad if the person you are dating discontinued to date because they get to know you already. It is normal in dating…there is nothing wrong with you…it is just that…the person you are dating decided to not prolong the dating stage because they knew it will not work out for the both of you in the future. Kaya wag mo ko ipi-PM asking “Paano magmove on kung hindi naging kami”. Wag maging entitled just ask for clarity with the person if you felt you needed to.

You will never know how well you are as a partner if you haven’t tried dating. In dating, you will encounter different types of person exposing your best characteristics and the not so good habits you have. Dating will give you the opportunity to continue to develop these good characteristics and work on the not so good habits you have in interacting with the opposite sex. Pwede mong makita dito yung tendency mong madali kang ma-fall at magsabi ng “i love you” kahit ang tanong niya pa lang eh “What do you want for dinner?”

I hope with these 3 suggested dating objectives you can answer the question kung “Paasa” siya o “Umasa” ka lang talaga prematurely. Again, don’t get your expectations rocket high at this stage. Somehow it will all boil down kung pareho ba kayo ng definition ng dating. Just to be sure, ask the person first before you go for that epic date.


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