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“I don’t blame you if you think that I am not good enough for you..”

“I don’t blame you if you choose her instead of choosing me..”

“I don’t blame you when you said that I am not the one for you..”

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“I don’t blame you for the countless nights of crying & for my pillow so soaked with tears..”

“I don’t blame you for the times I questioned my worth & why it seems so easy for people to leave me & take me for granted..”

“I don’t blame you for how I struggled to accept the reality that you are gone..”

“And most of all, I don’t blame you that I am inlove with you.. because this is my heart, my emotions, my choice..”

Yes, I don’t blame you because I only blame myself. Why I allow you to enter in my heart before asking God if you are really the one for me. Maybe, I became so impatient or desperate for love that I tend to listen to my heart instead of listening to God. I thought we can work this relationship together, that our feelings for each other was enough for forever. But I WAS WRONG. I was so attached to you, that my world seemed to turn around for you & only you, that when you broke up with me, my world torn apart & my heart broke in two. Then I said that life was so unfair, but who’s to blame, anyway? We both took the risk for this relationship, even if we were not sure. We thought that our broken hearts & broken pasts can be healed that way but it ended up that we became more broken. And now, here I am, blaming myself again & again. My broken heart lead me back to God–asking sorry of how I became careless & for not trusting His plans for me. In the end, I realize that we Iose each other so that we will not destroy each other in the long run. Yes, it hurts but it was part of God’s plan to protect us. I hope that each of our hearts will be healed but we must take the process. That process includes forgiveness, please, let us forgive ourselves. That is why I don’t blame you, because loving you is my choice, and my broken heart now is the consequence, yet forgiving myself is the way to get healed and move on.

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