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The funny thing about missing someone that hurt you is imagining that they were back to you.
But, in the real scenario they are pushing you to the edge of a cliff.
Hanging in misery, giving the presence of eternal pain.
Coping up is not easy, the cycle of turning back to the pain that caused you.
In denial, hopeful and trying hard not to think that they left you in the hardest time of your life.
Lesson learned this is a fragile world even if you cherish the most important person it will not be enough if they chose to leave you.
You are not a loser in that part of your life.
You chose them because of love, but they fell out of love and chose not to stay.
Starting from scratch, remind yourself that you are worthy of something better.
A broken relationship is just an end page, but chapters continuously come with exciting story lines.

The funny thing about imagining the past, it makes you realize how imperfect you are.
Yet, you grow like a beautiful butterfly that underwent a metamorphosis.
The process is not easy and caused of such pain.
You were vulnerable and fragile, you must be bolder and care to stand alone.
Trust me you must set yourself free, break every chain that holds your ground.
Fly like nothing happens and enjoy life fully.
Love is too beautiful to hate just because of one torn.


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