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Is it worth consent? Really!!!

Or is it silly to say that faith is just a religious persuasion

For the believers to live for some ideology unknown?

No, it ain’t silly actually it’s tragic.

Yes, I said the word because many lives have been lost

Under the context of guarding codes of belief.



It’s million-billion conceptions have shaped values of our lives.

The businessmen and opportunists call it Risk

The Atheists refer to it as being open-minded

And yet us the Christians hold the actual-perfect description of this single word.

Now this is where I get to be labelled a “faith extremist” or a “Christian fanatic”

But let me be emphatic for am just like a piece of pen,

In the hand of God – the greatest poet

That could only be saved by Grace through faith in Christ Jesus.



It can only be understood in the surrender to the author of its origin God himself.

Yes, this is the certitude not even worthy of a heresy.

You see faith in Christ Jesus is a resuscitation on the long treks of fear.

It’s the assertiveness that propelled Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego not to bow to Bel.

The origin of joy, peace and love that shone on the faces of the apostles during their assassinations.

You might hold your own crafty descriptions but let me vocalize this by Christ’s ardent passion

For when Faith emerged as the only way the sinful man could be made right with God

Christ was designated for crucifixion sentence for the payment of this redemption price.



It’s not just a recitation of creeds but it’s taking an enthusiastic credence in every word mentioned in the Bible.

I know you might call me a Christ addict but let me accept to swallow my “faith in Christ” overdose,

For the faith placed in anything else is only as a virus causing us to look at others as awful.

It only causes skepticism deep down your soul because it’s only based on facts not the Truth

The truth is, it’s only Christ Jesus who lived, died and rose again to redeem us from the curse of sin

Making a choice to place your faith in Christ guarantees you eternal life

But refusing to take this life changing choice is also choosing not to do so.


So, what should be done?

For those that have not yet made this choice,

Repent, for a contrite heart he won’t despise.

He is always indulgent for your decision to accept his embrace

No matter how stained and bruised your life may seem

Though your sin maybe as a stench from an open grave, in him east to west no trace will remain.


So, what should be done?

For the devoted Christ followers, whether not.

Christ is the only trustworthy solid ground for faith to yield lasting results

The various dens of lions that come our way are just divine meeting venues with God himself

You see only faith placed in Christ is worth consent coz he’s the only one who won the death row battle.



It’s a fuel needed in your destiny engine,

But if placed in a false, fictitious substance, it sprouts havoc.


Where have you placed your faith?



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