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Humankind dreams that life would be fair. That life would be seasoned as how they want it to be. To trust and to be trusted. To forget pains and sufferings when needed. In other words, you want to control everything  that happens in your life just like movies and fairy tales which seemed to be impossible in every way.

But somehow in life there are suffocations trying to destroy your well-being and forgetting the strength you’ve mastered up for the past few years in fighting hardships in life. Protecting those we expect to protect us which they never did. That’s how painful life is which we need to accept that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is called “CHOICE”.

You choose to hurt others because you are not pleased of their actions without realizing are they even pleased with yours. You choose to destroy someone emotionally oblivious to the trouble your making. You choose to decide for someone on what to do. You choose to abandon those who can only offer you love almost unconditionally because of the greed of loving someone who you taught could give you the things in the world.

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Desiring for goodness and abundance in life is also part of choices we need to balance and examine, if  opportunities come in. Just never forget that contentment and satisfaction is the secret of life. Whatever we do we can never please everyone around us, so continue for your dreams and visions. As long as we choose to have decency and morality over envy and jealousy will live with history remembered.

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