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Questions on what to do
My life is gray without you
I miss you
Everything that you do
Everything about you

After leaving me behind, I feel so blue
I was lost can’t escape the memories of you
Like a fool I only loved you

I wanted to fly and I never knew why
I thought I found the truth with you by my side
But I didn’t know you were full of lies

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Dreaming of you keeps me alive
But you dreamt of me away from your sight
I loved you like you’re the only Queen on the Bee Hive
But you didn’t love me the same, I can only cry

Moments with you will haunt me for life
Once cherished but now despised
Flowing memries of torture and pain
Abandonment kills faster than a guillotine

Betrayal hurts more than one can imagine
If only it can be mend with just a  candy cane
But no, these wounds left me bleeding with no end

Now I’m forcing myself to laugh again
Strength and courage I can’t yet regain
I can’t wipe away the tears that keep flowing
Can’t forget the pain all these years remembering
To be free and glee thats what I’m striving

I’m bitter, I know
I’ll be better, you know
I hate you
I loved you
Forever I’ll remember you.

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