Words are simply as a result of letter palette combinations

But no greater letter palette combination than JESUS

Since long ago the world rides in the circles of argument skipping the simple button called TRUST

But God has exalted the name “Jesus” way above any other names and a

day will soon come,

That at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

And that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of

God the Father.


You see before the foundations of the earth were laid

Before the sky was hanged up without a pillar and with no trace of how far the east is from the west

Before the billion galaxies spun into their existence

Before this ground rocky layers sealed the underground water table

And before the waters flowed out of the springs like streams through the

earth’s crust

Jesus Christ was…


Before the sun was made to glow during the day and the moon to light the night

Before all the different species of flora lite the earth with color

Before all animal forms inhabited the earth each according to its unique nature

Before man was formed to be a steward of all creation on the earth’s


Jesus Christ was….


Right before the formation of the microscopic and macroscopic organisms, Before the world stood a gaze at the complexity of the muscular fibers and the DNA

Before the discovery of the kinetic and thermodynamic theories,

Before man ever started boosting about his signal wave magnetic inventions Jesus Christ was right in the figure of the trinity programming the operation of each of these things.


The entire old testament was a metaphor about this very Jesus we worship

He is the Word of God that spoke everything physical and the invisible into existence

The breath of God that made man a living soul

He was God’s power behind Moses’ rod making way for the Israelites through the red sea

The strength in the veins of Samson tearing the enemies of Israel

And the courage in David’s soul compelling him to end Goliath’s humiliation

of God


If you want to dare me about he who I boost about, then open

Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is the wonderful counselor, prince of peace and the mighty


John 6: 35, Jesus Christ is the bread of life whose satisfaction never ceases. John 10:11, he is the good shepherd that lives the 99 sheep to find the only lost one

Revelations 1:8, he is the alpha and Omega, beginning and the end, the eternity before history

John 10:7, the door by whom all those that enter are saved from the tribulations of this world.

John 14:6, Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the Life bonding the broken relationship with God.


He is the only one that met, meets and will always meet all human needs, For those in pain, he is the pain taker,

When you feel lost, he is the way maker

If you are bound, he is the chain breaker

The prison shaking savior that flees us from the devil’s captivity



History can answer the when questions

Geography can fully give account of the where questions

Technology can try to answer the how questions,

But it’s only through Jesus that you can get hold of answers to the why


He pre-existed before even history stretched out from eternity

He existed even before the genesis of Existence

And if you ever get yourself in any confusing situation,

Simply rewrite the sentence beginning with the statement JESUS CHRIST IS…