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Let’s talk about something scary, something that makes you uncomfortable. Not a frightening story, nor an infamous horror legend, but the truth that you’ve been trying to escape for a while now.

Fear. As what I’ve always said; fear keeps us safe and it’s what keeps us away from our dreams. Who wants to be in control of their life? Mold it just the way how you want it to be. Of course that would be everyone’s desire.

The harsh truth is that the more we want to control our life, the more we lose it. Why is it that the more we want to get closer to our desires, the more they move farther away? Because we invest our energy at the wrong method. Let’s say, you want to revenge to someone so you try to manipulate them; without realizing that the more energy you invest in them, the more you lose from yourself and the more you delay what’s meant for you. In the end: the only person it would damage is none other than you.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Let’s say you obsessively think about getting that job, that person, that goal. You cling to it, you force yourself into it, you get impatient, you start complaining about everything and how you’re not getting this very thing that you want, you stop seeing the good and the bad because what matters for you is that specific obsession; and that fear rooted inside you drives your ego to feel the need to control every situation in order to gain power.

Why does your ego want to gain power? Because it’s scared that you won’t get what you want.

But what happens when you force things? They misalign from you. Anything that is forced, won’t make you happy.

And if you can’t be happy with your situation right now, you won’t be happy in the future either. Because the “now” used to be your dream before, but you tend to overlook and take things for granted because you keep on looking for what’s next.

And when we do this, we neglect the gifts of the present. Practice gratitude. Breathe. Let go. You don’t have to be scared to lose things, because they’re already meant for you. If things are meant for you, it will find you. It will just happen. Without you having to sacrifice the present.

You don’t have to be greedy, you already have everything that you need—The food, the clothing, the shelter, the people. Take a pause, and focus at the things that you have; not on the things that you lack. Look at the world as a glass half full, not half empty.
You don’t have to gain power, no one is above nor below you— we are all created uniquely.

Accept that uncertainty is reality. You can never control whatever is happening around you, but you are responsible on how you want to respond to those.
You can never control how people will treat you, but you can decide if you’re gonna settle with how they’re acting towards you.

You have to learn how to trust yourself and be able to discern; when is the time to speak up, or when is it the right time to just make peace with silence and walk away. Don’t let fear control you, don’t let it drive you to frustration. It will steal your life only if you let it.

Good things are coming, you don’t have to stress out about it.
Solutions will arrive, worrying won’t make anything better.

You got this 🧘‍♀️🍃.

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