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It’s still fresh to me how everything started between the two of us. I can still remember how epic fail it was and how timely you came in into my life.

I am happy you came.

I love how much time you spent with me and your word “basta ikaw” is very comforting. I feel safe, and confident.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

How you posted me on your socials, how you talked about me to your friends and how ready you are creates a special place of happiness in me.

You never made me feel anything less, every time I’m with you I felt so pretty even if I wasn’t.

I love your physique, truly a wonderful piece from the creator.

You are an ideal in every way but what’s between us is why I can’t pursue you.

It hurts.

Those nights I’ve spent with you will never be replaced. And please know that everything I have shown you and felt for you was like Nesfruta, “Real na Real”

PS “The sunset is beautiful isn’t it?”

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