Friendship or More?


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We were good friends until you start doing questionable things. You would sometimes pat me on my head for no apparent reason, you talk to me as if you want to show your vulnerable side, you would often tell stories that probably most people don’t know.

That time I saw how sad you are, keeping it to youself because you don’t want them to notice. you even tell me some secrets that others are not aware of and I sort of like connect with you instantly because I sometimes feel it too.

You asked me if I’m alright, at first I don’t want to believe it because I don’t usually open myself to anyone especially to those who don’t understand how anxiety can really affects you and It might be taken lightly or petty to others but I saw your sincerity that time and it made me feel like I want to know you more. 

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I want to know what runs through your mind, how are you coping up with that and how do you deal with the struggles you’ve been facing?

But more I know you, the more I want to see the side that other’s don’t see because you’re busy attending to my needs and would often give comfort to me but I didn’t know that you’re struggling as well. 

And It somehow made me think; the way you look at me differs from the way you look at others, how you would spare some time for me just to make jokes or often show me some videos because you find it funny or entertaining and I sometimes feel like you’re getting jealous when I talk to my other friend. 

I just want to know if you’re starting to like me or was it just another assumptions? Because you made me feel that way or did I got mislead again? I just want to know coz I would often convinced myself not to get attached by someone who is already taken or someone who is giving me “mixed signals”. You once confused me before so I don’t want to repeat the same feelings I had before and If it really was friendship, please make it clear so that won’t have to question your intention. 

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