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            He is not the guy I really like that comes to a boy band group internationally. He is not the guy I started to like because he served on masses in church every Sunday as a knights of the altar. He is not the guy I like because he is handsome. He is the guy I started to like for quite long time that he have no idea. He is the guy I never imagined I’ll fallen in love with. And not expecting anything from him.

         Actually, I thought, that my feelings for him is just a simple admiration. But, time flies so fast that I started to feel deeper than that. I know, it will sound pathetic, but I started to have deep feelings on him even though we don’t usually see each other. We are not that friend or close, but every time I see him my heart flutters so much. I feel so much happiness whenever he is around. And I cherish those little moments with him. Sometimes, I am praying that make that little moments not be ended or stay a little longer. I want to keep him around me, without him knowing. Silently. I want him to be happy around me, without him knowing I am praying for that, for him.

         In short, I want him to be happy. I am praying for him to be happy every single moments of his life, with or without me. Well, he definitely didn’t also know that I have feelings for him so, that’s okay. I will just have to love him secretly. And wait until these feelings will fade away. If one day, unexpectedly and unimaginably, he found out about this. I will bravely tell him the truth without expecting anything from him. I am just happy, finally, I become true to myself and express my true feelings for someone. That’s it. He is not required to give an answer. It surely hurt me in any way. Better keep that to himself. I like him, period. No buts and next words please.

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