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Mine was already shattered before I met you,
Turned into thousand pieces, puzzled with no clue.
Thought it was the end of my world,
Being left by someone whom I thought would never let me hurt.

You were there with a humble heart ready to wipe these tears,
Made by the painful past, turned my sadness into cheer.
Little by little, you helped me solve my puzzled heart,
Together, we found the missing pieces that were apart.

You revived my broken heart from the darkness,
And even believed that someday, I’ll find someone just as selfless.
Secretly, I am wishing that it was you,
But I know it isn’t. not yet.

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I can’t afford to shatter your fragile heart,
Hurt an innocent person with the sharp pieces of this heart.
You deserve a genuine love,
Not a brokenheart that I have.

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