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Have you ever wondered why you are still single? Why you have to get broken hearted a countless of times? Why your ex cheated on you? Why your suitor didn’t pursue you? Did you think you aren’t pretty enough?

You degrade your own beauty and capability to love because you think you are not worth it. When you’re about to take the risk, you found out that the guy you’re about to date is already in a relationship with someone or that guy is still not over with his ex. He might have given you his attention, love and time but you feel like there is something lacking. Is it his sincerity? Loyalty? What if his ex will come back? What if she wanted to get him back? Is he going to choose me? Does he really love me the way I love him? Negative thoughts are eating you. Am I not really worth it? Am I just a rebound? What’s wrong with me? Why do I keep on loving someone who isn’t ready to commit? Why do I keep on getting hurt?

Just because you experienced those things that doesn’t mean you are right. Unanswered questions, self-pity and other negative thoughts are depressing.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Don’t be pressured because a love that is willing to wait is a love that is worth it.

A love that is willing to wait will never be a push and pull relationship.

A love that is willing to wait has a strong foundation, it will not be shaken.

A love that is willing to wait is always blessed.

A love that is willing to wait will never be toxic.

A love that is willing to wait will last forever.

Don’t compensate or fill yourself with temporary people, Wait for that love, don’t rush things because you deserve the love that never fades .

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