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‪To my future hubby,

Im not as pretty, sexy and flawless like other girls but I’m trying my best to take care of myself to be enough for you. I have marks, scars and dark spots but all of this are part of who I am today. This marks serves as a reminder of what I been through and what I passed through. And when the time I will gave birth to our kid, I know that this figure of mine will become worst, but I hope you will also love this changes in mine. I have insecurities and trust issues maybe because of what I experienced in my past relationships but please never get tired of understanding me and reminding me that I am more than enough for you. Sometimes I mess, I shout, I become mad, I can even say bad words to you but in this times all I want you to do is hug me tight and whisper me an I love you. I also loved if you can give me random kisses, hugs and a random I love you, I think there no more sweeter than that. I know that I had flaws and this flaws will make you even decide to leave me alone but I hope that you have as big a galaxy of understanding and loving me even more because of this. I have nonsense stories and dramas and I hope you will never get irritated listening to it. I also have a lot of stories and opinion about life, TV shows, plants, animals, friends, restaurant, politics and even on the solar system but I hope you find it interesting and entertaining instead of annoying. I don’t have a perfect family, but I’m trying also my best to built a perfect family of my own. For all your effort for me, I promised to understand and loved you in even more what you can give to me. I promised to love your flaws more than you love mine. I promised to stay by your side and support you in all the things you wanted to do to grow. I can cook your favorite food to comfort you in a very tiring day you had. I can also give you a foot massage if you wanted to. I can make you your favorite cup of coffee every morning to start your very long day. I can also be your best friend whom you can share your thoughts and stories without hesitations. I promised to listen to every words you will say without judgement. I promised that I will stay on your side when you are happy, and I can be a your cheerleader to cheer you up when you are down and sad. I will always pray for you and for your best interest instead praying for mine. I know i’m not perfect but all I can promised you is my loyalty, my loving self and be the caring wife you’ve always wanted. I promised to love you every day more than you love me. I can do more for you more than you can imagine. I will love you unconditionally. But for now, while waiting for you… I will nourished, build, trust and love myself so that when the time God let you arrived, I am ready enough to keep all my promises to you.

Sincerely yours,
Future wifey

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