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When you woke up in the morning, you said “Good Morning” before she checked her phone.

Every day, you said “Goodnight” to her before she ran out of battery.

Handed her a glass of water before she tells you that she’s thirsty.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Served her “breakfast in bed” before she tells you that she’s hungry.

Listens to her everytime she tells you how bad things went on her day without you even complaining about yours.

You kissing her forehead reminding her how beautiful she is.

You holding her hands before she tells you that she’s tired.

You hugging her from behind before she tells you that she’s feeling cold.


She didn’t fall in love with you because you remember her birthday and gave her flowers on every “Valentine’s Day.”

She fell in love with you, because you already memorized every detail of her and knows how to start and end her day as well.

“Love is the accumulation of each little thing you do to her every day.”

Love is all about “Consistency” and not about “Intensity.”


Photo: Google on Display

Idea Credit: Leadership Guru Simon Sinek








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