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I really didn’t chose to love a seafarer when I chose him. I chose him because he was just an ordinary man when we met. Just one day, he told me that he will be going to be one.
And so, left with no choice..No, rather, I had choices.. To leave him and just find another man that will always be with me, or be with him throughout his journey. And so these stuffs came into my mind:

“Why love a seafarer?”

Is it worth falling inlove with a person who is always far away from me?
Someone who will spend most of the days in the ocean?
Is it worth to wait for someone for long periods?
Will the love conquers the struggles of parting?
Will I survive.. will we be able to survive?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

It’s true. Seafarers spend almost half of their lives at sea.
Yes, it will be hard for me, specially when I fell alone and lonely.
But the loneliness he feels is hundred times of me.
It is much heavier for him to bear the pain, the fact that he wants to comfort me, but he cannot.
I cry, but he cries more.. in silence.
My heart breaks whenever I miss him, but his heart is already broken into pieces the day he chose to leave not because he wants to but because he needs to.
And I know the only thing that will make his heart whole again, is to help him fix it because he cannot do it alone.
Therefore, I chose to love him.
Yes, I chose to love a seafarer.
I chose to stick with him, and wait till he comes back.
His dreams, is my dreams.
His happiness, is my gift.
And if time allows me to change my destiny, I will still choose him over and over again.
It is hard, but it’s harder to live without him..without the man I loved.

Love requires a lot of efforts and sacrifices.
Love needs to go through storms, to have rainbows in the end.
Love doesn’t promised that it would be easy all the time, but just like what God said, it will always worth it.

When we love someone deeply, being apart from them will be going to be the hardest and the worst time of ourlives. But, the joy of being with them again after a long time, is unmeasurable and meaningful.

So be it a land dweller or a seafarer, always choose to love no matter what. Have a heart that is sacrificing, faithful and selfless.
Always trust God’s plan for the both of you. Learn to let go, and believe. Do not hold someone’s hand so tight. Have the courage to support each other’s dream. Do not be afraid.
If he loves you, he will return. If you really love him, you’ll wait. There’s no assurance in life, but why not give it a try.
Always remember, true love conquers all.


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