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Have you been hurt? Have you been left behind? Cheated on? Ghinost? Not enough ka daw? Pinag palit? Hindi pinili?

DON’T YOU DARE QUESTION YOURSELF. You are enough, you are a loss, you are worthy, you are worth it, you are enough. YOU ARE DESTINED FOR GREATNESS.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Thank the Lord when all the heart breaks come. You are being molded. God is your sculptor and the pain you are feeling right now is a blessing. Remember the old saying? No pain no gain. You are gaining something from that pain. You are being stronger, you are being wiser, you are being better.

Every tough situation in life only becomes a problem when you think of it as a problem. Think of that situation as an opportunity for you to grow. It is a one step ahead to your best version!

If it’s “paulit ulit nalang” “wala naman akong improvement, walang nag babago sa life ko” type of situation that you think you might have right now, well think again. God is working. Cliche as it may sound and it’s getting tiring, well let me tell you something, may progress ka padin, remember that slow progress is better than no progress at all. God is slowy but surely molding you. Trust his timing.

Participate in God’s plan. Pray, have faith and cooperate, DO SOMETHING!

Make yourself better as well, God is sending you to a fight that he know you can win. God sends his tough soldiers to hard battles. You are strong. You are his warrior, you are his child.

So don’t you dare give up, don’t you dare compromise yourself, don’t you dare be hard on yourself. Pain, heartbreaks and failures are okay. It’s okay to fail, these things will make you a winner. It’s okay to make mistakes, these will lead you to the right way. It’s okay to be hurt, this will make you stronger.

Struggling? Great! You are destined for greatness. Don’t question yourself.


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