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We met in a restaurant having our team lunch, I don’t know you that time, but you somehow manage to get my attention just by smiling, looking and eating in front of me, funny right? on that day i realized to myself that something is different, I have felt different having you in front of me, then i asked my friends for your name.

After few days, I saw you and added you on Facebook, right away you messaged, about my ex, funny intro for someone I just met, but it didn’t bother me as it was a given opportunity to know you more better, and to spark a conversation as well, I asked you how did you find out about my ex, you said you have stalked my profile and it gives me the excitement of talking to you more.
Days went by, conversations left and right, never ending comments and likes, until we found out to ourselves that we have a lot in common, and we started getting to know each other more deeper, secrets revealed, problems and struggles in life unfolds. we understand each other as somehow we have the same experience about our past, even made promises that whatever happens, nothing will change.

Weeks have past, we started to get more deeper on this “getting to know stage” I wanted to be with you all the time and same for you, I wanted to always talk to you to brighten up my stressful days at work, we play and breathe the same sports, we share the court as team mates sometimes rivals, but that doesn’t hinders me for loving you more.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

One day we have decided to do something unusual for two people on ” getting to know stage” to show everyone to be in a relationship status.

Everyone around us was excited and happy about the update, I even received messages that finally you are in a relationship with me, all out support for the two of you.

But one thing is different, there is this one person, who went in a relationship as well on the same day as we did and he’s a common friend., many were wondering ” Why, How and to whom”.

After few days after, we had an argument that triggers something in you. I apologized, and beg for forgiveness which you gladly accepted, however you don’t want to pursue the so called “getting to know stage” and wanted to just be friends which I agreed to and hoping to return back to normal.
I have never stopped loving you, even up to this day. I still believe that everything will be back to normal as it was before.

Actions done was regretful, and i have suffered the consequences.

To the friend who went on a same relationship status on that day with the two us-
Please take care of the guy I loved the most, wishing you two to be always happy and have a healthy and growing relationship.

He Ignored my existence for you, please take care of him, don’t ever hurt him and make him cry.
To the guy I love the most, as what I have told you that i will always be here for you, I’m sorry for assuming that there’s something between us, I’m Sorry I have loved you too much and can’t let go, Please give me time, I know sooner or someday, I’ll get over you.

Just always remember, I love you very much.


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