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She’s the type of girl who devotes herself to nourishing her mind and soul. A well-read woman, that’s who she is, the world is too small to contain her perspectives and ideals. Life is a mixture of hues and combination of euphoria for her mind is as creative like the one who molded her, perfectly and beautifully. Every page she reads takes her to places she didn’t know exist.

Her every imagination is as vivid and picturesque, unique because it is hers alone. She weeps when a character cries and mourns for longing when a novel ends. Her emotion just by reading is priceless. She is sure of what she is, the unstable feels and emotions is basically a part of her.

While indulging herself to the comfort of books, she has the sort of music twinning. Music is part of her, a soul deep within a soul, soothing her like a lullaby. Even her playlists reflects the kind of girl she is and for the woman she likes to become. The subtle melodies and soft beat echoing her ear brings inner peace she loves. When life throws rocks at her, she caved in and feels the melodies within.

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At night she finds it hard to close her eyes. Thoughts about life, the past, present and future disturb her. Not that she lacks faith to the one who created her; it’s just that it naturally comes out. All the memories of happiness and sadness overflow like river flows into the sea. Stuck again in a daydream. Deep thoughts often visit her at dawn, keeping her awake. She feels too much and fell hard all at once. Being deep is somewhat a stranger emotion she likes to dwell into her. It makes her unique from the rest of them. It separates her from everyone who put their head just on the surface.

Relationships for her are fundamental. When she loves, it’s unconditional and irrational. The mind speaks of uncertainties but her heart believes it is made for love solely.

She dreams of the love she gave to find its way back to her. But the kind of girl she is, is also skeptical, she shall rather be single than compromise herself into toxic relationships.

She knows deeply her worth 
and she isn’t afraid to compromise to cheap bargains. She is complete without any man; her worth for all she knows is not based on how others look unto her and she isn’t afraid to trust and put her faith to the one who holds the universe together. She’s worth the wait I promise.

She’s not the head-turner girl downtown, but if you just look beyond superficial you can see her value only God marked upon her.

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