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I really need to experience that “beyond ordinary kind of love”. I do not want that typical run of the mill kind of love. It’s the love that will remind you of kindness, of warmth, of home, of family, of pain, and of true happiness.

The love that would suffice enough to get rid of my attachments to this mundane things.

The kind of love that’ll make you feel contentment just by being with someone.

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The kind of love that isn’t awkward and the kind of love that cannot be bought.

Lord, if its your will that I will have a Family of my own, make me ready to provide all the necessary aspects for my children to grow up God fearing and God loving, and children with hopes and dreams burning inside of them.

I want to learn from my own experience and the mishaps of my wrong decisions so that I may be able to become a good parent someday, otherwise, if it’s not the Vocation for me, please make me ready to serve you Lord and the community and guide me as I seek my true purpose in existing in this Lifetime.

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