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Maybe you’ve met him for a reason, but what if it’s different from what you think?

Maybe you became friends and made unforgettable memories together, but what if it just has to remain there?

Maybe you’ve fallen for him unintentionally, but what if he doesn’t feel the same way?

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Maybe you always talk to God about him, but what if he talks to God about someone else?

When you look at it, life’s so unfair. But God wants us to only look at Him for He is just and fair. He knows all your maybes and what ifs. He knows it even before you may even think about it.

Maybe you think God is silent and He doesn’t care, but what if He just wants you to wait?

Wait until you’re ready and prepared. Have you checked your heart?

Maybe you think you love him, but what if it’s just a feeling?

Love isn’t just something you feel but a commitment. Are you ready? Are you prepared? Ask God to prepare yourself first. Check your own heart before you check on someone else’s.

Maybe God is also preparing his heart, but what if it’s not for you?

Prepare yourself until you’re ready. You can now pray for his heart. If he’s the one, God will surely impress it to you. You can have the assurance in God’s promises, in His word. Obey God, trust Him and His ways. You can truly have the perfect love you want if you seek Him first. Love God with all your heart and He will give you the love that you desire.

Maybe you think he doesn’t feel the same way towards you, but what if he does too?

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