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Have you been praying for that so-called “the one”? Someone who will join you tick those relationship goals off your bucketlist? Or maybe someone to grow old with? Im pretty sure you have.
What if God already has someone for you BUT…
He wants you to wait a little while before you have him/her. What would you do then?

Waiting. Not a lot of people are fond of that word. We know that it gets a bit harder as we wait a bit longer. The undesirable part of it is the fear that, after all the time we spend on waiting, we still won’t get what we wanted. The uncertainty of what the future holds is what drives us madly crazy. Sometimes we even get the idea that “waiting time” is just “wasting time.” We get impatient. This is why we tend to forget why we should wait in the first place. We dont want to prolong the agony, so we mindlessly act upon whatever it is that we feel we needed to do in order to get what we wanted. We rush things. The urge is so strong that we manipulate the process to try to make the outcome favorable to us the soonest time possible. Unfortunately, we almost always end up realizing we weren’t ready yet and that the result of our actions is far from what we expected in the beginning. And now, all that’s left of us is regret.

Waiting time will not be a waste of time if we learn the combination of two significant things: Trust & Patience.

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Trust. A big word, I know.

According to merriam dictionary, trust is assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. But what I like better is they described it as an intransitive verb which means to place confidence. To place confidence in God. To depend on Him. To believe on His plans.
Trust is giving us an opportunity to lose control of the outcome and let God take control of our lives regardless if it will be favorable to us or not.

In terms of relationship, trusting God for the right timing is very important. We need to be 💯% assured that God knows what’s best for us. In order to know His will we must know Him more. And by that, I mean, we should grow in knowledge and love for God. In waiting, He is our best ally. He is the only one who can give us the most suitable partner that we could ever ask for in life. He’s the one who created male and female. He’s the one who designed marriage for them to become as one. And for the love of God, He even invented sex! What makes you think that He can’t orchestrate your love story? Trust is the key.

Trusting God will give you peace while waiting.


Trusting God is one thing, but being patient is another. Patiently waiting can be very challenging, exhausting, and frustrating even.

The feeling of emptiness, as if there’s something missing and the fear of staying alone for the rest of our lives may force us to look for someone who could fill up the gap. Someone to make us feel less lonely. We crave so much for intimacy that we often mistaken it for love, and so we get ourselves involved with someone without any commitment. We settle for less than we deserve because we get impatient. Impatient to wait for that right time. Impatient to wait for the one. Impatient to be the right one for someone. We often skip that process because we think we won’t eventually get it and sometimes — because of our past mistakes — we think that we don’t deserve it.

In waiting time, patience is giving us an avenue for self control and teaching us to become more loving. It is one key ingredient for a longlasting relationship. In marriage, two imperfect people are choosing to be together for a lifetime. Imagine if patience is not an option in every fights they’ll have. It will surely be catastrophic.

Patience will allow us to see God’s will for our relationships so we can avoid regretting our decisions in the future. It will give us enough time to be prepared on what’s about to come. Trusting Him and staying patient will give us an opportunity to build an intimate relationship with God first. He will mold us to the person we want to become. He will make us stronger. He will fill up the gap that we’ve been feeling for a long time. He would allow us to experience the intimacy that we’ve been craving for. Lastly, in trusting Him and staying patient, we allow ourselves to focus on Him and receive the kind of love that defeats all the love in the world –His unconditional love for us. Sometimes, that’s enough reason to wait.

So what would you do if God is making you wait?
Trust Him and be patient.
It will only get harder before it gets better. And what would we get from it? We’ll get what we truly deserve and it’s surely gonna be worth it.

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